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Slipform Kerb may be complimented by a wide range of other in-situ concrete products but still remains one of the core areas for O’Regan Slipform Kerbing Ltd. As the chief product on which we built our reputation at the outset, its applications are extremely diverse which is reflected in our broad client base.

In contrast with precast, slipform kerbs reflect a much greater level of durability while being much less labour intensive from the point of view of preparation and placement. Once a proper sub base has been laid, our team can handle the complete process in a fast and efficient manner. A number of different profiles are offered all of which are constructed to the most exacting standards.

Having successfully served the requirements of residential, commercial and infrastructural developments over our ten year involvement, we are capable of completing formations to the most stringent quality control and operational tolerance levels. This is ensured through our regular engagement in major infrastructural projects where the highest standards must be upheld.

Vertical expansion joints are cut at pre-determined centres. The levels of accuracy attainable are proven by compliance with all relevant specs.

Advantages of Slipform Kerbing compared to precast kerbs
It is faster than conventional methods and less labour intensive.
It shows significant cost savings over conventional methods – the installation rate allows costs of 30-40% less than precast.
No precast to order and re-handle on the site several times.
Slipform kerbs are stronger – will not be damaged by heavy vehicles such as teleporters, dumpers, trucks etc.
A wide range of moulds available to suit particular requirements – the kerb shape and size can be manipulated for specific specifications.
No chasing down that last piece of radius, slipforming allows a radius as small as 24″.
Concrete is poured directly on subgrade, minimizing settlement from individual kerb placement.
On roadwork- traffic is diverted for a shorter time due to the speed of completing the project.
Slipform process is perfect for motorways, distributor roads, residential developments, commercial developments and private dwellings.
Slipform Moulds

O’Regan Slipform Kerbing Ltd has specialised in producing slipform kerbs and safety barriers since 2001. The Power Curber™ machine’s compact size and versatility allow us to achieve high levels of productivity. It gets in and out of tight spots quickly, making tight radius work on roundabouts and car parks much quicker. In addition to kerb and gutter work, the machine pours highway safety barrier, bridge parapet, footpaths, golf cart paths, agricultural foundations, irrigation ditches and stadium risers. Moulds can be custom made to suit each individual project, if required.